Monday, October 3, 2011

New Heart of Thorns LP/EP set released October 3rd, 2011.

Released October 3rd, 2011 Heart of Thorns' "Chagrin Memories" LP & "Delightful Memories" EP.
Documented is the Dionysus of the visual art Apollo.

The "Chagrin" LP is full of guitars and synthesizers, various samples and vocals from both Wallflower and Nightshade. Two mixes of "Senseless" are included with each version and features either Nightshade or Wallflower. Duets appear on tracks such as "Nameless" and "Frozen Garden I". This LP's tracks are said to be influenced by Apocalyptic Frequency Experience - a side project of Nightshade's shared with Roberto Tellez. Other influences Witch-Hop, ambient, soundscape, and industrial. Cover by Nightshade.

1..Astrid Garden
2..Senseless N
6..Treachery (Spineless)
7..Senseless W
8..Frozen Garden I

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The "Delightful Memories" EP starts off with the 2nd half of 'Frozen Garden' ("Frozen Garden II") and ends with the scape-goat track of bLack liSteD. "Vacillation [Teething (Dendropophobia)]" is a rough mix with a lo-fi sound. Not for headphone use really. "Conscious" & "SubConscious" was intended for head phone use, but with the mixing and how it is part of the nature of the songs on these two new records it is best used with speakers with a wide and tall range or even an hardware EQ. Two mixes of 'Vex'illar' mimic that of 'Senseless' on "Chagrin Memories" and the bridge between the mirrored records is made by 'Frozen Garden' making the flow balance out the long tracks. This EP jumps around as the previous one didn't. The presence of an Apocalyptic Frequency Experience track was missed, but the work with it still remained as an influence. The "delight aspect" may seem odd given the manner in which the tracks are carried out, but it all is relative to the story of Heart of Thorns - the betrayal committed by God and my rejection of that false-reality; represented by "Ataxia (Back Slash)" - which is foreshadowing of the next Heart of Thorns release December 21st, 2011. Cover art for "Delightful Memories by Wallflower.
1..Frozen Garden II
2..Ataxia (Back Slash)
5..Vacillation [teething (Dendropophobia)]
6..Vex'illar [an80]
8..bLack liSteD

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