Saturday, April 3, 2010

A sudden appearance..

It has been over a year since the complex took form, and finally, after months of reckless adventuring, we are able to dedicate ourselves fully to our passions; At long last, The Anachronistic Complex has entered the collective unconscious.
What exactly is The Anachronistic Complex, you ask? To be perfectly honest, we aren't quite sure. In the physical world, we are simply an experimental artisan group, leaving no media untouched. But in other realms, we are a hideous surreal hybrid of philosophy and epistemology acting in accordance to alchemy. Maybe one day we will be able to put it better, but for now that is all we can offer.
But let's get to the heart of this thing--our current status:
>The webpage will be up and running within the week
>Box mounts and posters of select prints will be available on ETSY shortly, though a time frame cannot be posted officially.
>Nightshade's art is featured on the wonderful LPF12's new album INHIBITION LEVEL
>Requests for original art for musicians and advertising are now being taken.

Well, that is all for now.