Saturday, May 9, 2015


When all the vibes tune into one another, their intersections magnify the growth of a soul in accordance to the way the Universe is woven. It seems as though it is radiating, or oozing something that is so full of life it's almost sickening, like an overstimulated nerve. These are the sparks of life my friends. The blacksmith forging iron, or the warrior out swinging his ax, cosmic collision; implosion, like a dissection of everything that makes this life up. That's it, man. When one gets to witness a divine dance or symphony of all the forms beauty is able to show itself in, its performers, being those vibes of existence, their souls the sparks of a life, and therewith a soul, is but a spark on the timeline...but a spark in our eyes; a flicker or flash on a timeline that is a human life span...for all we know, it could be the very same thing.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

took a trip, now we're back.

A while back we ran into circumstances that took us To drop everything and go on a journey.. Now we are back and starting from scratch. A new album, some new paintings, and other things are being formed.

In the meantime between now and the unveilings, Nightshade will be re-releasing past LPs and EPs. The details of when and which exactly will soon be told. Check back for updates as they are to come within a week.


Monday, October 3, 2011

New Heart of Thorns LP/EP set released October 3rd, 2011.

Released October 3rd, 2011 Heart of Thorns' "Chagrin Memories" LP & "Delightful Memories" EP.
Documented is the Dionysus of the visual art Apollo.

The "Chagrin" LP is full of guitars and synthesizers, various samples and vocals from both Wallflower and Nightshade. Two mixes of "Senseless" are included with each version and features either Nightshade or Wallflower. Duets appear on tracks such as "Nameless" and "Frozen Garden I". This LP's tracks are said to be influenced by Apocalyptic Frequency Experience - a side project of Nightshade's shared with Roberto Tellez. Other influences Witch-Hop, ambient, soundscape, and industrial. Cover by Nightshade.

1..Astrid Garden
2..Senseless N
6..Treachery (Spineless)
7..Senseless W
8..Frozen Garden I

Download link:

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The "Delightful Memories" EP starts off with the 2nd half of 'Frozen Garden' ("Frozen Garden II") and ends with the scape-goat track of bLack liSteD. "Vacillation [Teething (Dendropophobia)]" is a rough mix with a lo-fi sound. Not for headphone use really. "Conscious" & "SubConscious" was intended for head phone use, but with the mixing and how it is part of the nature of the songs on these two new records it is best used with speakers with a wide and tall range or even an hardware EQ. Two mixes of 'Vex'illar' mimic that of 'Senseless' on "Chagrin Memories" and the bridge between the mirrored records is made by 'Frozen Garden' making the flow balance out the long tracks. This EP jumps around as the previous one didn't. The presence of an Apocalyptic Frequency Experience track was missed, but the work with it still remained as an influence. The "delight aspect" may seem odd given the manner in which the tracks are carried out, but it all is relative to the story of Heart of Thorns - the betrayal committed by God and my rejection of that false-reality; represented by "Ataxia (Back Slash)" - which is foreshadowing of the next Heart of Thorns release December 21st, 2011. Cover art for "Delightful Memories by Wallflower.
1..Frozen Garden II
2..Ataxia (Back Slash)
5..Vacillation [teething (Dendropophobia)]
6..Vex'illar [an80]
8..bLack liSteD

Download link:

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well a string of certain events has led to stagnation here at the AC.
We will not be touring in February due to unfortunate events and a lack of money.
We WILL however still be working on things behind the scenes.
As always, art prints are available. Visit our website ( to see some of our pieces.

Take care all.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New film from Nightshade for Apocalyptic Frequency Experience.

As of late, I am now a part of Apocalyptic Frequency Experience ( and below is a video that The AC did for the title track off the AFE LP Musings on Human Metamorphosis.
AFE is an experiemental electronic project that dabbles in live electronics, noise and soundscape, as well as trip hop.

Look for more music and film re: Apocalyptic Frequency Experience in the future!


ALSO: Prints of any piece of art seen on the Net done by The AC IS available for print. Message us with any orders!

I have done the artwork for LPF12's second LP "Individual Suffering." The LP is finished and will soon be released @ several locations and in different formats. Stay tuned to for updates and news.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

website up. shows being booked.


our website is now up:

we are working on booking shows for Bitter Ruin in October. If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Florida, be sure to follow up on the touring dates. Other show dates for BR are in the beginning of October in New York - playing alongside Amanda Palmer and Vermilion Lies.

Shows for Birdeatsbaby are being booked as well for early March 2011.

The Twilight Garden/Feeding Fingers tour is still in the works too, which will most likely be in May-June of 2011.

The Anachronistic Complex will be opening for Birdeatsbaby, and it will be a debut as the AC has never played a show before. Expect dada cabaret on our behalf.

Wallflower will be starting to make clothes for her pieces and then selling them. Contact her @ if you want to know more information.

Stay tuned for updates!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ikes!! It's been so long since we've made a post here. Anyhow though, things have been a bit topsy turvy and full of teases here, so best not utter things we've learned until they are set in stone - at least somewhat.

Hence we have news for you all. Prints are now on the press full time and available at our Etsy store ( and also available upon request. For a semi-complete catalog of images we have produced, check out our MySpace ( and the individual branches thereof-

Also, look for our website to be finished soon. 'Twill look nice I think. Wallflower is the one sweating over it though so i don't know the specifics. However from looking over her shoulder, it looks damn nice.

So as far as other news is concerned, there is a local tattoo and piercing shop, run by our friend Aubrey.

So we will be hanging our art there, as well as making post cards for her. Things look as if they will be going nicely in that area.

The AC will also be relocating to a nice house in the woods away from where we are now. A nice place really. And there is room in the attic for the sound studio, so we will no longer only have one studio that is uber cramped and crammed.

Originals of Nightshade's pieces will also be going up for sale in the near future.

The duo has also been acquiring some long lost things from back in the day, and they will be integrated into future pieces.

Over n out