Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ikes!! It's been so long since we've made a post here. Anyhow though, things have been a bit topsy turvy and full of teases here, so best not utter things we've learned until they are set in stone - at least somewhat.

Hence we have news for you all. Prints are now on the press full time and available at our Etsy store ( and also available upon request. For a semi-complete catalog of images we have produced, check out our MySpace ( and the individual branches thereof-

Also, look for our website to be finished soon. 'Twill look nice I think. Wallflower is the one sweating over it though so i don't know the specifics. However from looking over her shoulder, it looks damn nice.

So as far as other news is concerned, there is a local tattoo and piercing shop, run by our friend Aubrey.

So we will be hanging our art there, as well as making post cards for her. Things look as if they will be going nicely in that area.

The AC will also be relocating to a nice house in the woods away from where we are now. A nice place really. And there is room in the attic for the sound studio, so we will no longer only have one studio that is uber cramped and crammed.

Originals of Nightshade's pieces will also be going up for sale in the near future.

The duo has also been acquiring some long lost things from back in the day, and they will be integrated into future pieces.

Over n out