Saturday, May 9, 2015


When all the vibes tune into one another, their intersections magnify the growth of a soul in accordance to the way the Universe is woven. It seems as though it is radiating, or oozing something that is so full of life it's almost sickening, like an overstimulated nerve. These are the sparks of life my friends. The blacksmith forging iron, or the warrior out swinging his ax, cosmic collision; implosion, like a dissection of everything that makes this life up. That's it, man. When one gets to witness a divine dance or symphony of all the forms beauty is able to show itself in, its performers, being those vibes of existence, their souls the sparks of a life, and therewith a soul, is but a spark on the timeline...but a spark in our eyes; a flicker or flash on a timeline that is a human life span...for all we know, it could be the very same thing.